• Tour ne folklorin shqiptar

    Albania Holidays introduces its newest tour in cooperation with Albanian Folklore. A tour through the heart of Albanian culture, folk song and dance where you will be the performer. A combination of folk dance training and visits to some of the best attractions in Albania. See the tour specification below:

    • Highlights are: the ethnographical museum in Elbasan, Korça museums, the trip from Korça to Përmet, and a folklore meeting in Përmet for the Roundtrip part. Highlights for the seminar are: the ethnographical museum in Kruja, a folklore night dinner in Shkodra at Tradita Restaurant and the folklore festival in Lepushi.

    • Visitors will meet some of the best folklore artists from different regions on singing, dancing and instrumental music and will take part in daily rural life in the mountains and join the local people in the festival in Lepushi.

    • The length of the tour will be for 7 days, excluding the day of arrival and departure from Tirana, for the Roundtrip part, the seminar part will be 10 days, excluding the day of arrival and departure. The total arrangement will be for 17 days.

    • No skills or levels are required for the participants, the program is adjusted to the participants skills and levels.

    • Price for the Roundtrip part will be 700 Euro, for the seminar 1000 Euro, together if taken both 1700 Euro.

    • Overnight accommodation will be in at least 2 ** hotels for the roundtrip and seminar part in Tirana, and in local guesthouses in the mountains, equipped for tourists.

    • Transportation will be with minibuses. Luxury bus during the roundtrip, special minibuses for the trip into the mountains.

    • Participants for the Roundtrip are expected to arrive on the 29th of July, further participants for the seminar are expected to arrive on the 6th of August 2012.

    • Roundtrip places to be visited: Tirana, Elbasan, Pogradec, Korça, Erseke, Përmet, Tepelenë. For the seminar: Tirana, Kruja, Shkodra, Tamarë, Lepushi, Durrës.
    Check out the video tour:

    For inquiries of more information about Albanian Folk Tour please contact: sales@albania-holidays.com

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