Bunkart Tirana Tour

For the first time, almost 25 years after the fall of communism, the government opened the nuclear bunker built by the communist government for sheltering the leaders.

Location: Albania
Duration: 2 Hours

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Day 1: Tirana

 After meeting our guide you will be taken to Tirana’s newest attraction a Communist Era Nuclear Bunker built by the late communist dictator Enver Hoxha in 1970s to prepare for a possible nuclear attack by "American imperialism or Soviet revisionists."  Only opened to the public in 2014, 23 years after the fall of communism the bunker is a 5 storey building which displays very interesting original artefacts.

After this interesting visit we return to centre and visit the National Museum of History where you will be quickly introduced to the history of Albania from ancient times to present day concentrating on the communist. After the visit at the museum you will take a walk through the centre where we will visit the Mosque and the Clock-Tower. Continue down the boulevard through Italian built Ministry buildings to the Pyramid a construction initially dedicated to the late communist leader Enver Hoxha, designed by his daughter and son in law. It was conceived as the dictator’s mausoleum though without its body in it, however its interior was destroyed when democratic changes swept the country in 1991. It is still an interesting and imposing structure of Tirana’s communist past.  We then make our way to an area known as Blloku (The Block), a huge square shaped area were members of the communist politburo had their villas. An area which until 1991 was guarded by solders with Kalashnikovs and guard dogs and was forbidden to ordinary Albanian citizens. Just before entering this area we will observe the memorial with three objects representing terror, paranoia and isolation, as instruments of dictatorship. You will end the tour at Enver Hoxha house in Blloku. After the visit you might have lunch in a restaurant suggested by the guide (optional).

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