Albania Fly and Drive

This is a fly and drive tour to Albania for independent travelleres who want to travel by car and explore Albania on their own.

Location: Albania
Duration: 7 days - 6 nights

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Durres Albania
Day 1: Airport – Durres ( Distance 30 km = Driving time 30 min)

Arrival at Tirana Airport, Meet representative of Albania Holidays, Take over rental car.

Welcome drink, Introduction to the tour, Handover of a travel kit including map, travel itenerary, detailed travel instructions (how to find sights, hotels, etc.), hotel addresses with phone, restaurant suggestions.
Emergency phone number, Verbal explanation about particularities and some useful tips on driving in Albania
Drive to Durres, check-in.
Possible visits:

  1. Roman amphitheatre – Situated near the centre is thought to have held the largest crowd out of all amphitheatres that have been found in the Balkans.
  2. Archaeological Museum – It is the richest archaeological museum in Albania with finds mainly from Durres but it also has artefacts from other parts of the country.
  3. Forum – Built between 5-7 th century A.D and conveniently situated in the centre of town could be an interesting visit for archaeology enthusiasts.
Apollonia Albania
Day 2: Durres – Vlora ( Distance 120 km = Driving time 2 h)
Possible visits:
  1. Monastery of Ardenica - A 13th Century Christian Orthodox Monastery Complex with stone buildings, frescoes and icons. Thought to be the church where Albanian National Hero Scanderbeg took his wedding vows.
  2. Apollonia – The remains of the ancient city of Apollonia which was founded by Greek colonists and flourished in the time of Julius Caesar. Roman Emperor Octavian studied here. Make sure to visit both the ancient site and the Orthodox monastery next to it where the archaeological museum of the site is located.
  3. Monastery of Zvernec – Built in the 13th century the monastery is situated just a few kilometres from Vlora on the Island of Zvernec. Its access is through a wooden bridge built on the shallow waters of the Narta Lagoon, a protected area due to its rich flora and fauna.
Porto Palermo, Albania
Day 3: Vlora – Saranda (Distance 130 km = Driving time 3 h)
Possible visits:
  1. Albanian Riviera – A spectacular drive through one of the most beautiful sceneries the country offers. Dotted with characteristic little villages and deserted beaches where one can stop for visits and photo ops.
  2. Ali Pasha’s Castle at Porto Palermo. A fortress on the sea thought to belong to the powerful Albanian ruler of the south who challenged the authority of the Ottoman Sultan self governing a considerable area comprising South Albania and Northern Greece from his castle in Ioannina.
Blue eye - Albania
Day 4: Saranda –Gjirokastra ( Distance 60 km = Driving time 1 h)
Possible visits:
  1. Butrint Ancient site- Considered the best ancient site of Albania and beyond it is UNESCO protected for its archaeological importance. Situated in a wonderful peninsula it is great for both history and nature lovers.
  2. Blue Eye Spring - A natural spring of fresh water in the shape of an eye can be found only 15-20 kms from Saranda on the way to Gjirokastra. Great for refreshment stop, lunch or picnic.
  3. Gjirokastra – Under protection of UNESCO for its unique stone architecture offers n imposing castle which was turned political prison during the communist regime. Has a WWII arms museum. Ethnographic museum used to be the house the ex dictator Enver Hoxha was born in while the Zekate Family house is the best representative of the architectural style of Gjirokastra houses.
Gjirokastra, Albania
Day 5: Gjirokastra-Berat ( Distance 155 km = Driving time 3.5 h)
Possible visit:
  1. Byllis Ancient Site - Byllis was the major centre of the Illyrian tribe of the Bylliones and is situated on a hill high above the Vijosa river valley with stunning views towards Vlora, Apollonia and the sea. First occupied in the 5th century BC the inhabitants seem to have migrated from the nearby city of Nikeia (modern Klos).
Berat, Albania
Day 6: Berat-Tirana - Distance 120 km = Driving time 2.5 h
Possible visits:
  1. Berat – One of the most attractive towns of Albania considered a living museum it is under the protection of UNESCO for its architecture and cultural heritage.
    Possible visit include the castle with several medieval Orthodox churches, the biggest and best preserved St.Mary’s turned into Onufri Icon Museum. Old quarters of Mangalem and Gorica with their wonderfull and distinct architecture, Kings Mosque, Helveti Tekke, Laden Mosque, Ethnografic museum are some of the other possible visits
  2. Tirana – The capital of Albania is relatively modern but looks and feels Mediterranean. Places to visit include: National History Museum, Ethem Bej Mosque, Clock Tower, Tirana Castle, The Main Boulevard, The Bllok with the ex-Communist villas now entertainment and fashion district, National Art Gallery, The coloured apartment blocks etc.
Tirana government buildings
Day 7: Tirana- Airport - Distance 26 km = Driving time 30 min

Departure to Airport Return of rental car either in Tirana or Airport as initially agreed.
Please note: This is a sample itinerary, however if you have more time available at your disposal, more places such Shkodra, Albanian, Alps, Pogradec on Ohrid lake, Korca , Permet and other areas of the country can be added to a tailor made fly & drive product.

Prices available on request

Best months: March, April, May, June, September, October, November

Note: The above dates are for orientation purposes, to help people book on the same dates, and pay the cheaper price. However we will run this tour on other dates as per clients’ requests.

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